Welcome To Textures Cosmetology Apprentice Program!

The primary purpose of the Cosmetology Apprentice course, is to train the student in the basic teaching skills, educational judgments, proper work habits, and desirable attitudes necessary to pass the state board examination and for competency in entry-level employment as an instructor or a related position. Students entering into the Cosmetology Apprentice program are not guaranteed a position teaching within the College for Technical Education, but may lead to an employment offer. Upon completion and subsequent passing of state boards, students may be able to work as an instructor within a college for Cosmetology.

1. Career Education Instructor 35 Clock Hours
2. Teaching Plan/Learning Environment 35 Clock Hours
3. Basic Learning Styles & Prin. 35 Clock Hours
4. Effective Classroom Management 35 Clock Hours
5. Basic Methods of Teaching 35 Clock Hours
6. Program Review Dev. Lesson Planning 35 Clock Hours
7. Educational Aids and Tech in the Class. 35 Clock Hours
8. Effective Presentations 35 Clock Hours
9. Assessing Progress & Advising Stud. 35 Clock Hours
10. Making the Student Salon 35 Clock Hours
11. Career and Employment Prep. 35 Clock Hours
12. Educator Relationship s 35 Clock Hours
13. Achieving Learning Results 35 Clock Hours
14. Learning is a Laughing Matter 35 Clock Hours
15. Teaching Study and Testing Skills 35 Clock Hours
16. Teaching Success Strategies 35 Clock Hours
17. Teams at Work 35 Clock Hours
18. Communicating Confidently 35 Clock Hours
19. The Art of Retaining Students 35 Clock Hours
20. Evaluating Professional Performance 35 Clock Hours
21. Hands on Clinic Floor 300 Clock Hours
Total 1000 Clock Hours

Salon Hairstylist
Salon Manager
Platform Artist
Nail Technician
Make-Up Artist
Runway work
Retail Specialist

Requirements include:
Must have High School Diploma or GED.
Must complete FAFSA with our school code (038853)
Must be at least 16 years of age

Program Curriculum

(Program based on hours) Upon the 1800 hours completion of a licensed Cosmetology program or the 600 hours for the Nail Technology program, students will be required to sit for the Kentucky State Board of cosmetology exam and pass, prior to being employed in the profession. Students, who do not pass the exam and/or work on clients outside the school, may lose all rights to state licensure in the future.

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